Sporting Events – Team and Tournament Registrations

myConferenceSuite supports a number of sporting events both from a ticketing perspective and a team and tournament registration perspective.  Our platform has a comprehensive interface that can accommodate team registrations for tournaments with the following features:

  • Registration of Team Captain or Admin
  • Payment processing
  • Registration of individual players
  • Waiver acceptance for individual players
  • Grouping of individual registrants
  • Categories and price points
  • Scheduling
  • Accommodations integration
  • Communications
  • Volunteer Registration

Our range of solutions for sporting events has supported events like HOPE, the world’s largest outdoor beach volleyball tournament, the Bingham Cup, a biennial international Rugby tournament as well as the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival.  These events, in particular, accommodate team and individual player registration.  Once a team is created and players are added to the team, individual players receive notification and can complete their registration and sign their waivers.  This integrated approach provides a streamlined process as well as efficiencies for event organizers. 

In addition to these features, myConferenceSuite’s sports registration can even assist in building out the tournament schedule, sell tickets for concerted events or spectators and manage volunteer registrations-including volunteer types, time slots, etc… 

myConferenceSuite can provide Sporting events with a solid technology platform to manage their payments and tournament registration.

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