Research and Educational Conferences

End to End Event Technology-Content, Contact, Education and Engagement

D. E. Systems’ myConferenceSuite can support all your event technology needs.  For many content and Educational conferences, specifically in scientific and medical communities, our platform manages Content, Registration, Communication and a variety of Onsite Technology.

Our end to end Tech Solutions will manage content and attendees as well as their engagement including:

  • Abstract Submission
  • Content Review and Scoring
  • Schedule Building and Publication
  • Poster Presentation-both Virtual and Onsite
  • Management of Speaker Ready Rooms and Presentations Onsite
  • Registration
  • Attendee Communications
  • Event App and Gamification
  • Smart Badge Production with QR code integration
  • Attendance and Session Tracking
  • Credits and other educational certification

Managing the technology for an Educational or Research-based conference entails many interrelated pieces.  Providing the solution through a single platform ensures a dynamic flow of data giving organizers the confidence that real-time and updated data are presented throughout. 

This end to end process starts with content.  Research is submitted through our abstract module and, if accepted, moves into the scheduling component.  Presentation Files can be included and an AV and Virtual schedule mode can include these presentation files alongside each session timeslot. 

Content accepted for poster presentation can be presented both Virtually and On-site.  Our equipment rental division can provide the latest in Kiosk and touchscreen technology to enable dynamic and interactive views of poster content by attendees.  All posters can be published virtually for virtual attendees. 

Schedule information can be pushed to the registration form for session registration as well to the app for delegates to access onsite.  Session tracking also utilizes the same schedule data so all your tech is accessing the same source data. 

Dynamic Registration with reporting on session attendance for CEU credits is another way in which this integrated event management platform can simplify the process for event organizers.  Automatically capture session attendance and send credits through myConferenceSuite’s communications platform to streamline this process. 

One of the inherent advantages with myConferenceSuite is all our software is run through the cloud, providing virtual access to all your event technology.  From Content to Registration to Presentation to Engagement via our app, myConferenceSuite provides you with End-to-End Event Technology Solutions.