Event App

D. E. Systems’ myConferenceSuite includes a comprehisive attendance tracking and verification app as well as a full featured event app with dynamic integration into Registration and Abstract modules

Our Features

Event App
  • Event App For Delegates
  • Attendance Tracking and Verification for Admin
  • Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors
  • Delegate to Delegate Contacts
  • Integrated Schedule with Dynamic Abstract Integration
  • Session Evaluations
  • Social Feed
  • Contact Lists
  • Maps
  • Additional Content

Our app extends the functionality of Lead Retrieval and Attendance Tracking to all delegates. Simply scan a QR code and any one you meet is stored in your contacts.

It also provides dynamic integration with our Registration and Abstract Modules. Attendance Tracking on the app yields real time reporting on the registration dashboard.Session evaluations yield reporting in the Abstract Dashboard.