D. E. Systems’ myConferenceSuite application is a robust cloud solution, fully PCI compliant for third party transaction processing. Features include custom fields, conditional fields, conditional logic, payable fields, conditional pricing, multi-language support, Reporting, Communications and Badge Production. Dynamic integration with Content and App modules. Customized templates, Tradeshow floorplan integration, Single or Multi-Registrant options…myConferenceSuite’s robust feature set can accommodate a wide array of form and pricing structure.

Our Features

  • Fully Customizable Registration-select from pre-defined fields, add fields, custom fields
  • Multiple and Conditional fee structures based on registration type and/or dates
  • Breakout, Session, Optional Social Program registration completely integrated
  • Accommodation integration and Travel information fields
  • MySQL database storage of information and one step Excel Exporting
  • One Click Multi-Lingual Support
  • Social Media Marketing tools
  • Real Time Reporting and analytics from our back end administrative sections
  • Back end administrative registration editing and payment processing
  • Accepts all major Payment gateways
  • Email CRM section
  • Update registrations capacity
  • Customized Style Sheet Design for registration sites that match branding
  • Group and Colleague Registration

Mail & CRM

Mail & CRM

myConferenceSuite includes a comprehensive Communications Platiorm which facilitates customized registration confirmations and communications. Invite import features manage requirements for sending invitations for events. This capability is managed from an administrative dashboard and can be personalized to each registrant using database calls from simple pull down options. The registration system automatically generates registration confirmations and invoicing, with confirmation numbers for updating registration if required.

  • Automatically sends registration confirmation and invoice
  • Import Invites or conditional registrants
  • Generate campaigns, quick mails and filter data
  • Build customized Communications and PDF
  • Create multiple templates
  • Track and Manage Communications

Payment Integration

myConferenceSuite is fully PCI compliant for direct payment integration with a number of payment gateway’s including

PSI gate

myConferenceSuite also offers the option of creating your own payment gateway account with next generation payment processing from WePay. WePay will automatically provide a secure payment processing option for clients who do not have one already

Payment Integration

Registration – Administrative Dashboard and Reporting

Administrative Dashboard and Reporting

D. E. Systems’ myConferenceSuite includes a number of tools and features to complement the core registration application

  • Event Builder
  • Field Builder
  • Pull down Conditional Logic
  • Multiple Registration Fees Structure(by date, quantities and/or type)
  • Customized Templates
  • Additional Content Pages
  • Survey
  • Dynamic Coupon and Discount Codes
  • Badge Module with QR Functionality
  • Interactive Trade Show Floorplan