Activation using Gamification in your event app

Recently, myConferenceSuite supported a large industry tradeshow, CSAE’s annual Tete-a-Tete held in Ottawa, Canada.  The show attracts approximately 1300 exhibitors and delegates from the meetings and association market.  This year a full conference app was used with some key engagement features. 

Replacing standard lead retrieval on the show floor with universal delegate scanning in the app allowed everyone to exchange contacts-Exhibitor to Delegate or vice Versa, even delegate to delegate and exhibitor to exhibitor.  Extending this functionality to all stakeholders in the show and including it in the event app makes sense as business relationships often cross traditional channels. 

To enhance activations for exhibitors, a monopoly type game was created for all event sponsors to participate in.  Each exhibiting sponsor received a free property card that delegates could scan when they visited their booth.  All scans of each delegate were tracked in the event app and a leaderboard was provided to see who had the most scans.  Data can also be supplied back to the exhibiting sponsor on who scanned their property cards. 

Key Outcomes of the Monopoly Gamification:

  • Increased visits for Exhibiting sponsors
  • Increased Sponsor benefit
  • Gamification for Delegates kept them engaged on the show floor longer
  • Unique game format provided differentiation for the tradeshow from other similar events.

In addition, to lead generation and gamification, Event apps in a tradeshow setting also serve to provide maps, provide an in-depth speaker and event information, detailed exhibitor information, surveys, social feed, messaging and scheduling.  One of the key objectives with any event technology is to streamline the process and enhance communication and engagement, not replace it.