Gala Dinner Registration

D. E. Systems’ myConferenceSuite includes a number of unique formats to accommodate customized

Gala Dinner Registrations

A number of purchase options can be presented specifically to gala dinner registrations including:

  • Single Ticket/Seats
  • Multiple Tickets/Seats
  • Table Registrations
  • Complimentary/Sponsor Registration Options

Attendee info can be limited to the purchaser with tickets/additional tickets or can be collected for each guest using myConferenceSuite’s colleague functionality.  Using the colleague functionality allows event organizers the ability to collect any information on all attendees including dietary, contact information etc..  This is especially relevant if Name Badges are being produced.

Ticket Verification using myConferenceSuite’s administrative event app can be done onsite with any apple device.  Simply scan any ticket qr code generated from the system to confirm entry.  This feature works great with large scale gala events and helps streamline entry into the reception areas while validating entry.

For table registrations, purchaser can acquire a table and enter guest names or guests can enter their own information by selecting their table from a pull down or unique invitations. 

myConferenceSuite’s integrated communications platform ensures custom communications including invitations, pre-populated invitations, event information and tickets can be sent securely to all guests.

Customized badge options can include dietary information, attendee category and any other info collected through registration.  A number of sizes and types of badges and tickets are available.